August Forest Voice

August Forest Voice

If you visit forests in August, you should know how to speak Snakish, because it is after the warm summer that these wriggling creatures start looking for suitable paces for hibernation. If they meet a man, they will usually be quiet as if willing to have a chat. But in fact, these snaky reptiles are trying to compel the man they meet. A human being is no competitor to the nature in a forest of August if he does not know imprecations and magic words. Knowing the Snakish language would not mean only understanding of the nature and inhabitants of forests, it means also power and reigning over the creatures of forests. If you have no command over the Snakish language, you should be very respectful in August forests and listen carefully to what the nature has to tell you.

Duration 7.55 min. File type mp3. Picture is illustrative. Recorded by amateur with hand recorder.

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