November Forest Voice

November Forest Voice

The forests of November are full of angels and souls of the ones who have passed away. This month of called the month of souls in Northern Europe. Nature sounds are of this month are the especially intensive for people having the highest mental capacities. It is in a November forest that our ancestors are looking for contact. And it is also the time for spiritual rites and communication with eternity.
November is also perfect time to see northern lights. According to old Scandinavian belief, the world was like a flat vast area surrounded by a vaster sea of fire and northern lights were reflections of the fire in the sky. There were people believing that northern lights are created by Sami people running through their fields with torches in their hands and tracing their reindeers. There is magic and indeterminable in November forests more than it is possible to describe…

Duration 7.55 min. File type mp3. Picture is illustrative. Recorded by amateur with hand recorder.

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