September Forest Voice

September Forest Voice

The autumnal equinox is the time in the end of September when the day and night are equal all over the world lasting 12 hours. It was the day when people used to observe the nature very carefully. One could predict what the weather would be like in the nearest future. Direction of wind was of utmost importance. Wind blowing from the north meant a cold autumn. Wind from the west predicted a long and relatively warm autumn. On autumnal equinox, people used to wear wreaths around their heads leaving the wreaths later in the woods or near a fireplace at a sacred site of the forests. It is the time in the northern hemisphere that the night breaks the day, the woods and the meadows turn yellow and red, and the smell of the autumn is in the air. Even vast majority of songbirds have silently left before the autumnal equinox. It is only the very last songbirds that give their best to become the best soloists of forests.

Duration 2.49 min. File type mp3. Picture is illustrative. Recorded by amateur with hand recorder.

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