May Forest Voice

May Forest Voice

In a forest of May, you might meet the Old Man of the Forest wandering around and turning up in the shape of an elderly man. He would wear a hat of silver bark and coat made of moss and his face is hidden behind a mossy beard. He might take the shape of any bird or animal or he might also turn up absolutely invisible. A man can often only hear the sound of his foot steps, twittering as a bird or howling as a wolf. If the conscience of the person roving around is dirty, the Old Man might misguide him easily. If an innocent girl meets the Old Man in a forest, she will be sure to find herself the best possible husband in the future. If you happen to go walking in a forest in the month of May, be careful not to step on a bug nor kill any mosquito… because this creature might be embodied Old Man of the Forest.

Duration 3.50 min. File type mp3. Picture is illustrative. Recorded by amateur with hand recorder.

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by Egon on My Forest Voices

Hea töö!