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The mythological demigod Hercules is bisexual. How you feel about that fact doesn't change the fact; the myths of antiquity have told us that Hercules loved women and men alike. Lustfulness is at the core of his character, and Hercules' appetites aren't limited by gender. Like many ancient myths, and like much of history, Hercules' stories have been bowdlerized by those who think same-sex relationships are sinful. Audiences introduced to the character through the Disney cartoon, the Kevin Sorbo TV show, the Dwayne Johnson movie, or the Marvel comics have good reason to think the character is heterosexual, because that's all they've ever seen. But that doesn't make it true.
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Accusations of Bi-Erasure aimed at Axel Alonso and Marvel’s Hercules Set Off Internet Firestorm

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Wolverine, Hercules Share Gay Kiss In Alternate Universe (PHOTO) | HuffPost

Is there any insight you can provide at this point? Same goes for Hercules here. Critics play a valuable role in the development of every artistic medium. Indeed, the fact that queer readers in search of representation are boxed into heralding characters whose sexuality is mostly subtextual is indicative of the sad state of affairs mainstream comics still exists in. However, I also consider myself an ally and as a minority, I do understand what it feels like to lack role models in popular media. Dan Slott has since apologized for his comments and Alonso deleted a retweet that satirizes his editorial decision, but Marvel has not made any public statement about the issue since CBR published their interview last Friday. However, we live in a particularly sensitive time where issues of bisexuality, queer rights, and related issues are coming to the forefront.
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Wolverine, Hercules Share Gay Kiss In Alternate Universe (PHOTO)

Truth be told, i am quite proud of the fact that i have read a lot of comic books. I like staying familiar with the characters i have been reading about for years. A death of a character does have an impact on me if i happen to like him or her. So, you can imagine my surprise when a friend of mine mentioned that Wolverine was gay. My first reaction to the news was that he was joking.
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Representation across individual groups in the years ahead. There was also a same-sex relationship featured in Black Panther , but that scene was cut as well. Hercules is known for being a bisexual character in the Marvel Comics , once having a relationship with James Howlett Wolverine in an alternate universe.
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